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“Prayers for Everyday Ancestors.” A two-part Monterey Bay poetry reading series with Daniel B. Summerhill and Pilar Graham.

Prayers of Everyday Ancestors” Part I of II (CSU Monterey Bay, March 22, 2023)

“A prayer for my grandmother that she reunited and experiencing sustained happiness with the love of her life, my grandfather.”

 “A prayer for my mother to remain healthy and experience the true love she has longed for.”

“I pray to finally find my inner voice, and find my calling in this life. I pray that all my loved ones find theirs also. To open up my heart and creativity to heal myself, and others.”

“I’m not sure what to say but this was moving. When ya’ll say your words there is meaning.”

“Protect the poets.” 

“For my grandfather. I love you more than you will ever know, and I miss you everyday.”

“Suffering plagues man. I pray for a meaning for suffering, a taste for the devil to keep him busy while we rejoice over joy.”

“I pray we overcome the injustices of the evils and pain. I pray for triumph. I pray for rain.”

“I pray for all those looking away from home, the feeling of always belonging.”

“I am sending a prayer to Jamie. She has my mother’s strength with her. But I’m sending her mine too. I love you.”

“Hey Abraham: I hope you’re doing okay. Just wanted to say I miss you so much. Love you.”

“You get to be alive amongst the ones we lost. It seems so unfair that the life you brought is shrouded by your death. I still get to feel alive when I think of you. Thank you. I love you.”

“My sons are able to love each other and me–healing.”

“I pray for peace, love, joy, and continued success. I pray for all the students here at CSUMB to thrive, enjoy their time and succeed. I pray for all my friends and family to have peace, health, and love.” 

Prayers for Everyday Ancestors” Part II of II (Pacific Grove Library – April 28, 2023)

“Dear Sis: I love you very much. Try and seek help. We love to the moon and back. Your baby sister.”

“I pray that all the past and future will share in love and light.”

“For everyone in need of connection.”

“My ancestors speaking to me through the words of the poets.”

“A prayer for my mother, who was supposed to die, but didn’t. Make a second chance a gift and brings something kind into the world.”

“Prayers for sweet Jasmin – homeless and old one leg. So lovely, so sad.”

“The world was full when you were here. Now, it’s empty without you here. I shed a tear!”

“Amen. Namaste.”

“To Tommy: With this prayer, written today in the living world, I bring you here to live again for a moment, your laugh booming and your eyes laughing and your heart beating.”

“I pray that the grief and peripheral fallout does not consume me too much and that I may get through it to some sense of peace.”

“May we all find gentleness for ourselves and others.”

“Dear friend, Jackie: How I wish you were here, how I miss your laugh, your intelligence, your company. I pray you are resting in the deep blue water, on the black beaches, in peace and joy.”

“Colonist: You left 100 years ago… but your swords, your daggers, your distorted ideas influence us… still. How do we remove them? A Filipina in 2023.”

“…I have called for you… can you hear?

“To Uncle: I hope you will forgive my childishness at the time. I love you. I think about you all the time. Be free.”

“Prayer for Antoinette (Nana): Always present in my life. Missing you. Loving you.”

“Prayer for Alex: Gone too soon from your father’s love and life. I never met you, but I loved him, your father. So I love you, too.”

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